The Industry

"The greatest thing that happens in a salon is just seeing a client smile when they see the finished product," said Scott Bonds, Owner of The Industry.  "When someone feels like they look good it changes everything about them, inside and out."

Bonds, who has worked in Greensboro for nearly 20 years, was not originally so magnanimous in his decision to become a stylist. "Initially I was just excited to make my living being around women," said Bonds.   These days he is more committed to the relationships he forms with the individuals who come to his salon.  "My clients confide in me," said Bonds. "They share their problems and their accomplishments.  It’s such a rewarding experience."

One of Bonds' main goals for The Industry is to have a diverse staff.   This is quite a unique concept in a time when most salons tend to be either black or white. "Although we might be different culturally, we can still work and laugh together," said Bonds. "Everybody gets their hair done."

Whether a person is a client or not, Bonds would like everyone to feel welcome in his salon. "I want people to just come in and be apart of the atmosphere I've created," said Bonds. "Don't be shy, just come on in."


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